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Property Letting Guide

Setting new standards in Real Estate Property Management.

Feel at ease with our Home Letting Management

Property Management.

The Property Management team encompasses a culture and environment whereby our employees use skill, care & diligence to present our Property Management clients with a superior level of customer service.

To be selected as part of the Property Management team, a staff member must be able to demonstrate four characteristics; honesty, enthusiasm, energy and commitment. We ensure that all Property Management staff are given specialist training to empower them to provide you with the highest and most professional level of customer service.

We are setting a new standard in Property Management. As we like to say…

“Experience the Best”

Presenting your property to the highest possible standard will ensure that quality tenants are secured as quickly as possible. Below are some handy hints to assist in achieving the best results:

Love Your Home

Why choose one of our property managers?

Our team are hand picked and long term employees. We demand a high standard of accountability from our staff because we know you will too! The team are supported by regular training, this means our Property Managers are better able to respond to you or your tenants enquiries. Each of our Property Managers oversee a manageable sized portfolio and they are intimately aware of not only the property, but also the tenant too.

Selecting the right tenant for your property.

Selecting the right tenant for your property is as important to your agent as it is to you. A strict screening process should include contacting previous landlords/agents, current and previous employers, credit reference checks, to establish knowledge of the applicant’s character and reliability. Comprehensive checking of the prospective tenant’s details against the national tenancy register, NTD (National Tenancy Database), or TICA is a must.

Things to consider before letting out your property


Lawns should be neatly mowed, edged and healthy and garden beds weeded. Ideally all lawns and gardens should be reticulated.

Any large trees or shrubs should be pruned back away from driveway, windows and roofs.

Garage or shed cleaned and free of rubbish.

Windows cleaned inside and out (this will let more natural light into the house).

Swimming pools cleaned, all pool equipment to be in good working order, supply of chemicals.

All rubbish and household items to be removed.

Clean gutters.

Repair dripping taps.

Service reticulation and ensure working correctly, install automatic watering systems.


All carpets professionally steam cleaned.

Walls cleaned and any large chips/ scuffs repaired.

If repainting walls, a neutral colour should be used.

Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms – these areas often affect a tenant’s decision to rent your property.

Tiles and grout should be clean and sealed, surfaces free of grime.

Line the interior of kitchen cupboards if they are aged.

Replace dated and damaged bench tops.

High wattage light globes will brighten a room, also ensure that the light fittings are clean.

Curtains and blinds cleaned and in good repair (torn curtains can ruin the presentation of a room).

Tenant’s Safety, Comfort & Convenience

Windows and deadlocks (tenants may be unable to obtain contents insurance without these).

Air-conditioning and heating.

RCD Switch.

Ensure all sliding doors and shower screens have safety glass and working rollers.

Fully automatic reticulation.

Hard wired Smoke Detectors.

Secure parking.

Telephone / data connection point / TV aerial.

3 x sets of keys for ALL entry locks.

Lettings Success

Action speaks louder than words. Over many years, we have learnt what it takes to deliver premier property management. We promise to behave under strict adherence to the Residential Tenancy Act 1987 – meeting our owner and tenant obligations is second nature. Of course, these are just words. That’s why we offer a 100% peace of mind service guarantee.

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