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About Us and our Team

The real estate agents that put you, your lifestyle and your home first. We work together with yourselves to discover what you really want from a new home.

All About Us

We all move home for different reasons, growing families, new careers, escaping the ties of high maintenance living, moving out of home, or simply chasing a fresh start.

Wherever life finds you, we are here to make sure you end up exactly where you want to be, and we won’t stop until you get there. After meeting up for a chat, we will paint a picture of your story and needs, map out a plan unique to you, then go about making it happen.



We will be with you the entire journey, from departing your current home to finding your perfect new place, even organising a rental (if you need it).

As locals, we know what it means to love where you live. It’s chatting with neighbours over the fence. It’s embracing the vibe of buzzing street markets and community events, it’s living in a big old suburban house surrounded by shady trees and parks. We really care about using our local insights to help you realise your properties possibilities.

Surreal Estate

Impossible is not a fact, it’s an opinion. We are here to prove the doubters wrong. When it comes to buying or selling the word ‘can’t’ isn’t even in our vocabulary. Well, part of it is, great things happen when you open your mind. It can open the door to first home ownership. Keep your sea change dream alive.

Redefining ‘Home-Work’

We may spend our days studying you and the places you are going next. However, in our free time, we turn our attention to all the latest property trends. The more we learn, the more we earn. By staying ahead of the curve, we are best informed to make decisions that ultimately identify optimal real estate outcomes for all.

Record Breaking Marketing

We don’t just upload your home to the main real estate websites. That’s what our competitors do — we go much further. Instead, we promote your home to up to thousands of people on a variety of social media platforms, including buyers outside your suburb and buyers who we think are more likely to respond to your home type.

Our Team

Meet our team of experienced real estate and property management agents




Combining many years experience and having sold a large number of properties across the region Nathan Leuzzi understands that in an extremely competitive industry it is vital that communication, trust, professional advice, having the ability to listen and negotiation skill are of the highest level.

Coming from a background of business ownership, management, sales and customer service, Nathan believes that excellent service should never be compromised, and it is his moral obligation to do whatever it takes on behalf of his clients to get the best possible result.

Nathan Leuzzi has a well established reputation for his dedication to the job and in depth knowledge of the real estate industry.  This combined with hard work and an agency committed to excellence makes for outstanding results time and time again.




Dion Verzeletti is a Sales and Marketing Professional with a single overriding objective – to achieve the best possible price for your property when it is time for you to sell. Knowledgeable in the Northern Sydney property market through working, living and buying locally, he has a keen understanding of the needs of his target market.

He grew up in the area living in Wahroonga, attended St Leos College as well as Hornsby and Ryde TAFE’s, played 6 years competition squash for Thornleigh, his mother owned Saratoga Trunk clothing store in Pennant Hills and along with his family he owns and resides in Thornleigh. With over 14 years property investment experience buying and selling across Australia Dion is able to provide complete and unbiased advice to each and every client.

Stemming from initial hospitality training over 24 years ago, recruitment history and over 11 years sales experience Dion believes that “communication, client rapport and good old fashioned service are the key to any successful sales transaction”. Keeping all parties involved at every stage of the sales process ensures you shall always know what is happening. Dion’s high level of success in every position held is attributed to his high level of enthusiasm and dedication. “Other than my family, my career is my prime passion.

“I sell property because I enjoy it, not because I have to”. This mentality is paramount for success in this industry as only a strong charactered sales agent like Dion would work the hours necessary for success, as he does, and is still able to keep a grin on his face. Keeping the owner’s needs in minds is a must but ensuring each individual property is professionally marketed using the most effective means whilst keeping costs down and staying within the owner’s budget is the challenge that Dion enjoys.

Selling your home doesn’t have to be about, pressure, confusion and stress according to Dion. “This transaction is possibly one of the largest transactions you may be involved in so trusting the right agent will be the difference between a sale and an enjoyable experience with an incredible result”.

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